The North Face Production Introduction

The North Face (TNF) , in the northern hemisphere, the northern slope of the mountain is the coldest, deepest snow-covered side of the most difficult to climb, alluding to the real climbers, always fearless, difficulties.


Since 1968 the establishment of The North Face, The North Face production of high-quality down products enjoy a high reputation in the outdoor sports enthusiasts, especially SIERRA PARKA Down by climbers alike. SIERRA PARKA products first in the 1970s, has SIERRA PARKA series of down products still in production and sales.

It is The North Face backpack for the improved internal structure, improvement in the first application of curve arc, the internal belt pad for the aluminum frame of a product. RUTHSAC using a convenient zipper was unique, multi-use backpack off to increase the effective volume. Today, this technology has become an industry production standards.

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