The North Face,how to distinguish between true and false.

THE North Face outdoor high-end products, In United States the price of North Face Jackets 250 to $ 500. The US middle class is also hesitant about this price, but it is worth ah! Measured at the conclusion of The North Face Jackets it in life generally five or six years, that is to wear every day, and one week to climb a mountain situation oh. And Americans are the performance of its computer data, whichever is the lowest, so the quality can be said is no doubt genuine – Here to share with The North Face how to distinguish between true and false.


1. Outdoor clothing simply demanding quality requirements, we can compare carefully from the adhesive, pins and other details of the degree of uniformity.
2. Outdoor clothing only genuine and fake. More stringent control of raw materials. And each of the eight products at a random rigorous test, for unqualified products, will be destroyed, so-called original single; Potter; dumped goods; foreign trade goods, etc. are non-existent.
3. genuine outdoor accessories is very strict requirements, such as zippers, Velcro, adhesive strips, and other materials have very strict internal standards, and even the machines are very expensive and hard to buy, ordinary machines simply do not come out.
4.The North Face ski suits all have a high-quality cloth wiping glasses in jacket pocket.
5. genuine outer material is softer, the fakes very stiff, like a hard canvas

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