Founder Of North Face

In 1966, San Francisco called Shashaduoli a small fishing port, Doug and Kenneth Two young men when attempting an unnamed peak Whitney peak edge, because of lack of equipment on and failed, this may seem insignificant, but a little after the two young man decisions, but it has brought a big change for the whole outdoor sports sector. Founder of an outdoor sports equipment retailers, initially from the desire to climb, and to the local climbers and skiers to provide the best protection. Today they scale the heights of faith and making people today to explore the limits of encouragement. The North Face has always insisted on focusing on the outdoor field exploration and development.



Now,north face has already begun the world’s famous outdoor brand and will always with the brief and adventure.Everyone who likes the outdoor activites should have one for memory and he/she will get the energy to find the final solutions.In the end,thank for you to come to my blog!

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