Leading change

In 1968, the first product is the Sierra Parka jacket (in English, Sierra toothed mountain is meant), and this name also comes from Doug Thompkins love for mountaineering. Sierra Parka jacket has become The North Face Classic products. Every year the introduction of different colors and innovative cut Sierra Parka jacket.

The backpack became The North Face the biggest innovation since the brand was founded, launched the first within the framework of the backpack Ruthsac, creating a revolutionary new era of portable backpack. Since then, a series of outdoor according to different needs of the launch of the backpack, leading a generation of young people to explore dreams.
In 1975, The North Face Launched Oval InTENTion technology, innovative multi-faceted dome designed to replace the traditional A-shaped tent. The tent design inspired by Buckminster Fu ( “Buck”) spherical theory, using a minimum of material able to play for maximum effect, and this is the first use of aluminum tent poles of Handymax.

Enable the new slogan
In 1997, The North Face with a new tagline – “Never stop exploring”, replacing the original tagline since 1977 enabled – “After various adventures practice test.”

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