The North Face Production Introduction

The North Face (TNF) , in the northern hemisphere, the northern slope of the mountain is the coldest, deepest snow-covered side of the most difficult to climb, alluding to the real climbers, always fearless, difficulties.


Since 1968 the establishment of The North Face, The North Face production of high-quality down products enjoy a high reputation in the outdoor sports enthusiasts, especially SIERRA PARKA Down by climbers alike. SIERRA PARKA products first in the 1970s, has SIERRA PARKA series of down products still in production and sales.

It is The North Face backpack for the improved internal structure, improvement in the first application of curve arc, the internal belt pad for the aluminum frame of a product. RUTHSAC using a convenient zipper was unique, multi-use backpack off to increase the effective volume. Today, this technology has become an industry production standards.

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The North Face,how to distinguish between true and false.

THE North Face outdoor high-end products, In United States the price of North Face Jackets 250 to $ 500. The US middle class is also hesitant about this price, but it is worth ah! Measured at the conclusion of The North Face Jackets it in life generally five or six years, that is to wear every day, and one week to climb a mountain situation oh. And Americans are the performance of its computer data, whichever is the lowest, so the quality can be said is no doubt genuine – Here to share with The North Face how to distinguish between true and false.


1. Outdoor clothing simply demanding quality requirements, we can compare carefully from the adhesive, pins and other details of the degree of uniformity.
2. Outdoor clothing only genuine and fake. More stringent control of raw materials. And each of the eight products at a random rigorous test, for unqualified products, will be destroyed, so-called original single; Potter; dumped goods; foreign trade goods, etc. are non-existent.
3. genuine outdoor accessories is very strict requirements, such as zippers, Velcro, adhesive strips, and other materials have very strict internal standards, and even the machines are very expensive and hard to buy, ordinary machines simply do not come out.
4.The North Face ski suits all have a high-quality cloth wiping glasses in jacket pocket.
5. genuine outer material is softer, the fakes very stiff, like a hard canvas

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Founder Of North Face

In 1966, San Francisco called Shashaduoli a small fishing port, Doug and Kenneth Two young men when attempting an unnamed peak Whitney peak edge, because of lack of equipment on and failed, this may seem insignificant, but a little after the two young man decisions, but it has brought a big change for the whole outdoor sports sector. Founder of an outdoor sports equipment retailers, initially from the desire to climb, and to the local climbers and skiers to provide the best protection. Today they scale the heights of faith and making people today to explore the limits of encouragement. The North Face has always insisted on focusing on the outdoor field exploration and development.



Now,north face has already begun the world’s famous outdoor brand and will always with the brief and adventure.Everyone who likes the outdoor activites should have one for memory and he/she will get the energy to find the final solutions.In the end,thank for you to come to my blog!

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Leading change

In 1968, the first product is the Sierra Parka jacket (in English, Sierra toothed mountain is meant), and this name also comes from Doug Thompkins love for mountaineering. Sierra Parka jacket has become The North Face Classic products. Every year the introduction of different colors and innovative cut Sierra Parka jacket.

The backpack became The North Face the biggest innovation since the brand was founded, launched the first within the framework of the backpack Ruthsac, creating a revolutionary new era of portable backpack. Since then, a series of outdoor according to different needs of the launch of the backpack, leading a generation of young people to explore dreams.
In 1975, The North Face Launched Oval InTENTion technology, innovative multi-faceted dome designed to replace the traditional A-shaped tent. The tent design inspired by Buckminster Fu ( “Buck”) spherical theory, using a minimum of material able to play for maximum effect, and this is the first use of aluminum tent poles of Handymax.

Enable the new slogan
In 1997, The North Face with a new tagline – “Never stop exploring”, replacing the original tagline since 1977 enabled – “After various adventures practice test.”

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